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Parts of your House or commercial business building Likely to be attacked by Little and Large.

Seattle's Greenwood Area Little Black Ants Infestation

Spraying to kill overall to stop the ants. if there is no knowledge of how to get rid of the ants infestation. When solving an ant problem, understanding the four stages in the life cyle of ants - the adults, the pupae, the larvae, and the eggs, all four life cycle stages in the ant colony are eliminated. This will require the experience of an ants exterminator to eliminate and complete the ants control service, without the proper care from adult ants, the eggs and larvae will lead to massive repoduction on more nests and colonies.Colonies are moderate to very large and contain many queens. Commercial business owner and Homeowners should consider working with a licensed pest professional to employ a preventative pest management plan. There are also a few things that can be done around the property to prevent a little black ant infestation. Sugar ants love a dirty countertop almost as much as they love a dirty sink. Any sugary sweet substance on the counter, will attract an entire colony of ants. Wiping your countertops with bleach will not only help sanitize your kitchen, but bleach breaks down the pheromones that ants use to follow each other to sources of food. Big black large carpenter ants ranging in size from one-quarter inch for a worker ant to up to three-quarters inch for a queen.Carpenter ants can be black, brown, red, or even a combination of these colors. They vary in size based on their role in the colony and genus, but generally they're larger than any other common household ant.

Little Black ants are often called armies and the pests are definitely
marching. Yes it's Summer in Seattle and prime Season even though the pesky
pests are year round. A Greenwood area homeowner in North Seattle
discovered little Black ants in the hallway walls by the living room. Ants
populate at a very high rate into the size of armies. The homeowner was
certain that this was a little Black ant problem. There had been an ant
infestation in the bathroom wall the prior year. The Greenwood homeowner
had tried a do-it-yourself product to get rid of the ants and it didn't
work. AMPM Exterminators was successful in taking care if last year's
invasion. It was a no brainer. The call for help was made to AMPM

Accessibility areas for little Black Ants:

Little Black ants are also known as Sugar Ants and are hard to see at
times. Do do not underestimate the little pests. Armies of Ants can and
will find ways to gain access into the home. One of the favorite places to
set up base camps are in the walls. Remember when using over the counter
products this may not be effective. Definitely not for a full blown
infestation. Keep in mind that chances are that infestations can be in more
than one area of the home or outside. The ants are able to move the scent
highway to different locations. Little Black ants can travel up trees that
are near the house. Branches are perfect bridges to get into the house
through cracks and holes. An appointment Was set up and confirmed with AMPM
Exterminators. Armed and prepared to take care of the little Black Ants
problem in Greenwood.

How do little Black Ants infestations happen:

Moisture problems is what attracts the. Keep the gutters clean and
downspouts adjusted to direct water away from the home is crucial. Dirt
piles are perfect spots for ants. Keep the mounds away from the foundation.
Make it a habit to check for standing water around the perimeter of the
home. Ants are constantly on the move looking for water, food and shelter.
Seattle is in the Pacific Northwest and ideal for little Black Ants ants
due to the rainfall. Plumbing and structure leaks need to be repaired as
soon as possible. Sealing and repairs will prevent further entry access to
the little Black Ants. When an Ant bait is used it will be carried back to
the ant colonies to be shared to eliminate the colony or colonies. It would
be wise to maintain the perimeter of the structure, the home and the
perimeter with a recurring service to prevent new Black Ant infestation.
AMPM Exterminators will share further information regarding enrolling for
weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly services.

Neighbors may be sharing same Little Black Ant issue:

The neighbors might also be dealing with the same type of ant Infestation.
A question from the AMPM Exterminators technician was did the Greenwood
homeowner know of any recent little black ants infestations in the
neighbourhood. The AMPM Exterminators technician found the answer. There
were armies of black ants seen marching from the home next door. This meant
that several new scent trails were being established. The AMPM
Exterminators professionals were armed with the appropriate products in
order to provide a successful little Black Ants extermination. More
importantly the technician had the expertise available to exterminate the
Ants in the wall and other sites outside the home. AMPM Exterminators is a
professional and experienced company that will treat the structure for
infestation and recommend follow up visits for preventive treatments.
Following the prevention tips to stay ant free is imperative.

AMPM Exterminators :

Professional pest control company with experienced exterminators for bed
bugs, little Black Sugar Ants, Carpenter ants, Moisture Ants, Rat and Mice
control, flies, gnats termites, wasps, yellowjackets and hornets. AMPM
Exterminators is a pest control service that takes pride in providing
effective pest control. Services available cities such as the Seattle
Areas, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, Everett, Bothell, Issaquah and
more. Bed Bugs extermination services, Spider control are other services
available to residential and family residences, apartments, Commercial
Businesses including hotels, restaurants, schools and industrial
establishments including warehouses and grocery stores. Attic and
Crawlspace Rodent Restoration which includes cleaning, sanitizing and
insulation removal is a separate service and cost. Contacting AMPM
Exterminators will provide answers to questions about service fees,
important information for before and after treatments are provided.
Because each home is different the pest control services and any needed
repair costs may vary. AMPM Exterminators have years of inspection
experience and are thorough when providing pest control services. Each
client will receive customized solutions for the pest control. AMPM
Exterminators was the Greenwood homeowners perfect choice to get rid of the
Little Black Ant Infestation once again.

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