Monday, January 8, 2018

Queen Anne area in Seattle Cockroaches Galore

Winter in Greater Seattle and Cockroaches are too. Yes, the yucky pests can
be found year round. Cities affected in Greater Seattle area are numerous
and Queen Anne is not exempt. An apartment owner in the zip code area 98103
recently found there was a huge cockroach problem in some of the units.
The apartment manager contacted the owner immediately. The sad thing is if
one apartment gets infested with cockroaches then chances are other units
will too. The manager knew this infestation had to be dealt with
immediately. The owner knew this has to be dealt with due to the severity
of the situation. An online search for a Pest Control company was priority.
Looking for a professional technician that could deal with and get rid of
the widespread cockroach infestation. The decision was made to call AMPM

Cockroach pest control services needed asap:

Creepy cockroaches are alive and well in the Queen Anne area. Infestations
have been keeping cockroach pest eliminators busy. The creepy crawlers goal
was to find food, water and warm moist spots to thrive in. Cockroaches are
gaining access into homes and Commercial businesses at a high rate of
speed. The apartment owner's nightmare came true because now it was
reported that more than one tenant had cockroaches. Help on the way to get
rid of the nasty pests.

Important to know the type of cockroach:

The owner and apartment manager had to positively identify the ugly bugs.
The manager was certain it was a German Cockroach infestation. The owner
decided to email pictures to AMPM Exterminators to verify. It was a smart
move because the AMPM Exterminators technician positively identified the
bugs as German Cockroaches. Now the professional from AMPM Exterminators
could be prepared with the appropriate products to provide the pest control

Tenants must report a cockroach problem:

Apartment tenants have a responsibility to notify the apartment manager
immediately about having a cockroach problem. Because the infestation can
spread like wildfire and the nasty bugs reproduce quickly. Tenants rental
agreements could include wording that management will be responsible for
contacting a pest control company and incur the costs. In this case the
apartment owner claimed financial responsibility. It's important because a
pest control professional will not apply treatment unless the invoice is
signed by the building manager or owner. AMPM Exterminators was ready to
evict the unwanted pests.

How do Cockroaches gain access:

Cockroaches are not only disgusting but terrifying to a lot of people. The
nasty bugs are relentless in hunting down accessibility to all types of
structures. For example, cracks, crevices and holes, to gain access to all
apartment units. Cockroaches can invade a neighbor's unit through
electrical outlets. Apartment dwellers share walls and along with it the
pests. The property owner, apartment manager and tenants were relieved to
know help was on the way. AMPM Exterminators technicians were ready to
exterminate the cockroach squatters.

Other ways cockroaches get in:

Cockroach infestations in apartment buildings are not uncommon. The pests
can invade an entire apartment building by hitching a ride on shipping
containers, grocery bags and cardboard boxes. Which are ideal ways to
access an apartment building and individual units. Even used appliances are
excellent sources for the dirty pests to move into a unit. Keep in mind
Cockroaches reproduce at a high rate. If a cockroach infestation is not
reported immediately then the chances are high for other units becoming
infested. AMPM Exterminators quick arrival and preparedness to do the job
was a welcome sight.

Pointers on keeping cockroaches at bay:

Number one on the Cockroach prevention tips list is to practice daily
sanitization practices. The saying Cleanliness is next to Godliness has
never been truer. Kitchen and bathrooms must to be cleaned thoroughly and
this holds true for all tenants. It can be an embarrassing situation to
report a cockroach infestation. But it would be worse to not use prevention
measures to reduce the chance of creating a widespread problem. Simple
things like taking the garbage out on a daily basis. Not leaving food out
anywhere in the apartment. After meals and snacks clean up the area.
Otherwise it's an open invitation for cockroaches to enjoy the smorgasbord.
The experienced technician at AMPM Exterminators explained that an
elimination of this type of infestation could require multiple visits. The
apartment manager was instructed to notify all tenants to follow all of the
preliminary steps for a successful extermination before treatment was
applied. Not complying would mean having to repeat the service. AMPM
Exterminators was very successful in taking care of this serious issue. The
Pest control professionals take great pride in the success rate of
eliminating the Cockroaches and are very thorough and diligent in the
process of exterminating the infestation. Cockroaches may have been
squatters in the Queen Anne Apartment building in zip code area 98103. But
were soon evicted by AMPM Exterminators. Remember this pest control covers
North, South, East and West Seattle areas.